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toronto web design/development

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what kind of web design suits your business?

You know that you want more than an online business card, but developing a full-scale web site seems a daunting task. The costs of initial set-up seem high. You need a web designer, a web host and a domain name. Plus, your business is always changing and those changes need to be reflected immediately on your web site. You don't want a web designer on staff nor do you want a stale and static site that detracts from, rather than enhances, your business.

Our Toronto-based web design company can provide a solution. We design web sites that are easy to update and therefore inexpensive to maintain. softcoded keeps initial set-up and hosting costs to a minimum. We help you communicate timely information to your customers.

Whether you want a local, Toronto web design company or a company that understands your unique international business needs, we can help. Find out more about us.

To see the kinds of sites we design go to our web design page:

For more information about our web development capabilities see the book, Object Oriented PHP, published by one of our developers.

does your current web design work for you or against you?

  • Is it difficult to make changes to your site?
  • Has additional web development proved costly?
  • Is your web design outdated?
  • Do you require a custom web solution?
  • Are there broken links on your site?
  • Does your site only have static web pages?
  • Do you need a turnkey web design solution?
  • Have web design changes been difficult to implement?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes" let softcoded give you a free estimate for a site make-over.