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website ideas

a virtual office

If you don't work in an office but you have co-workers with whom you need to communicate and share information then you need a virtual office. An online password-protected database can allow you and your co-workers to share information and to communicate easily. You can use the internet in exactly the same way a LAN is used in a business office. You can share files and update a common database. Incorporate a private chat line and you will not only save on long distance charges but you will also have a record of your discussions. No need for anyone to take minutes at your online meeting.

The virtual office is a very inexpensive way of turning the internet into your own private network. Interested? Let softcoded give you a free estimate.

a family legacy site

Creating a family tree, trying to learn more about your relatives, or writing a book about your family can be greatly simplified by using a website. Similar to the virtual office, the family legacy site can use the internet as a private network with restricted access. Communication expenses are greatly reduced by incorporating a private chat line. Interested? Let softcoded give you a free estimate.

... and what about?

  • personal web pages
  • an intranet
  • professional web pages
  • enhancing your resume with a web link

softcoded can provide these and many more services.

a family cottage site

Consider a website for your shared family cottage. Secured with password protection you can make bookings, post photos and check the local weather. Provide directions for guests and links to local attractions. Post notices about garbage pick-up and instructions regarding opening and closing. But, most important of all - what to do if the pump fails. Interested? Let softcoded give you a free estimate.