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Book Review: Open Source for the Enterprise

IBM has supported Linux for some time now and Dell's recent announcement that it is now shipping servers with the open source web platform, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), is yet another indication that open source is entering the corporate mainstream. Even so, some IT managers are still reluctant to use open source products.

Book Review: Test Driving Linux

This is obviously not a book for the dedicated Linux user but will be useful for the Windows user who is considering moving to Linux. The version of Linux that accompanies this book runs entirely from the CD, allowing you to test drive Linux without having to install the operating system on your hard drive.

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Book Review: Firefox Hacks

"Firefox Hacks" by Nigel McFarlane, published in March of this year, is the latest in the Hacks series from O'Reilly Media. Never having read any book in the series I wasn't sure what to expect. On the other hand, like many people in the business, I know Firefox (FF) and enjoy using it because it is standards-compliant and very user friendly.

Web Page Excerpts Using CURL

The significance of links to external web pages can be lost if those pages have a lot of clutter. If your server supports PHP, this article will show you how to extract and present only specific elements from an external page using the CURL package.

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MySQL Queries to Remember

Being a web developer requires that you have a variety of skills and perform a number of different jobs. There may be long periods when you are working with databases and then extended stretches when you are not. Consequently, being a Jack of all trades means that query syntax may not always be at your fingertips. For this reason a reference of useful MySQL queries comes in handy.

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Review of CSS Cookbook

Like many developers, I am familiar with O'Reilly books and have come to expect high quality material from this publisher. I know their "Cookbook" format of books, having made extensive use of the "PHP Cookbook". To top it all off, my standard reference for CSS is published by this publisher. So, needless to say, when trying to decide upon another CSS book I was naturally drawn towards O'Reilly.

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These articles give technical insight into the way softcoded creates web sites. The subjects covered include use of databases, Cascading Style Sheets, modular development, search engine optimization and other relevant issues. Consistent web design principles are demonstrated throughout.

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DocBook for Writers

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Object Oriented PHP

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